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Welcome to Morphi's Potion Shop!

Become an eager apprentice as you study under Morphi, a local potion shop owner and resident goofball. Aid clients by solving ingredient-based puzzles, matching effects that'll fit within the requirements needed to brew the perfect potion for each situation. Follow the story of each character you come across and get to know your teacher as you expand your brewing knowledge and solve more challenging problems.

Every day you get to chat and learn about potions and magic while helping out others from the town, such as:

Malcolm, the jumpy ox from the farm on the edge of town in terrible need of a break,
Jemry, a studious little sheep who just wants his crush to notice him,
and Absynthe, the largest shark you've ever seen in your life who exudes confidence in everything about her.

PMM Team

Morphi Dragunny | Hot-Gothics - Writing, Character Art, Interface Art

Twitter | YouTube

Ninjaboi8175 - Programming


Cadistra - Asset Creation



This person isn't technically on the team, but backgrounds courtesy of Upklyak. Thank you so much for making these available for others to use! They're wonderful.


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Pardon me for my impudence, but I really enjoyed this game and I know you didn't get to implement everything you wanted to do. If you'd like another pair of hands on the programming side, I would enjoy helping. (My entry was Arbor, if you played that one.)

Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for offering. I would super appreciate that. I do remember you and your entry in the adventurejam. c:

Could you send me your discord in Twitter PM so we can chat there? ^^ (I'm new to Itchio, but I looked for a PM option on your creator profile and didn't spot it)

Well, awesome! On Discord I'm @gwenckatz#0062 and on Twitter I'm @gwenckatz.

(Sorry I took so long to respond, it's just because I don't get notifications on Itch and I forget to check, haha. But I'll be more prompt on Discord or Twitter.)

Wow .-) graphics is really great. And the story too - just sorry you couldn't put choices or puzzles in time :-|

They'll come in later updates haha

Thanks for playing!


The backgrounds and character graphics are truly gorgeous. (Though I really think you should pick a nicer font for the text, it is so plain and boring by comparison that it looks out of place).

To be honest, at first I thought there was too much text, especially as you weren't able to implement the interactive parts yet. But I did, as you said in your placeholder text, enjoy the story very much. The characters are fun and quirky and I got invested in them. Jemry has good taste too 😇

Haha, yeah I agree that the font we have is quite plain atm. We're definitely going to be fixing it up a LOT in future updates. Where it's at now is with using hardcode and not being able to put in any of the choices or puzzles in as we were rushing to get something out in time for the game jam.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm so happy to hear you got invested and enjoyed the characters~


Don't mind me, just waiting for the download button... :) 


Two more days is our goal! Since we're taking part in the Adventure Jam 2022, that'll be the last day for getting the first playable version of the game up here for people to play c: