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He's watching me... I know he is. As soon as I feel his eyes on me my heartbeat quickens and I grab my chest, trying to control my breathing. This isn't good for my condition...  I'm so anxious and stiff. This happens every day. I don't know what I should do to make him stop... please. I just want him to stop...

Sara only wants a simple life at school but when her classmate Tyler keeps watching her from the back of the room she just can't ignore it. She's tried, but something just, isn’t right...

A short psychological horror visual novel with an unfortunate ending... 


  • 6.8k words
  • 2 Endings
  • 5 CGs (3 with variations)
  • In-Game Animation
  • Ending Cinematic
  • Plot Relevant UI changes
  • Extras Menu upon completion with character bios & concept art

:The Team:

Morphi (Hot-Gothics) - Writer, Sprite, Background, and CG Artist, UI Design, Cinematic Animation
Limniris1 - Programming and In-Game Animation
Henri Tikkala (HenkkaStorm) - Music and Sound Effects
Sebastian Lee - Music and Sound Effects
Maple - Editing Assistant
Inartdel - Background Artist
Wittykilf - Last Minute BG Lining

:Tools Used:

Ren'Py - https://www.renpy.org/release/8.0.2 
Ren'Py Kinetic Texthttps://wattson.itch.io/kinetic-text-tags
GIMP - https://www.gimp.org/
After Effectshttps://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects.html
Logic Pro Xhttps://www.apple.com/logic-pro/

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorsMorphi / Hot-Gothics, limnological
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCreepy, Dark, Horror, Lesbian, LGBT, Psychological Horror, Ren'Py, Romance, Yuri


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HeWatchesMe_v1.1(with New Content)-win.zip 368 MB
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HeWatchesMe_v1.1(with New Content)-linux.tar.bz2 352 MB
HeWatchesMe(Spooktober GameJam Release)-win.zip 321 MB
HeWatchesMe(Spooktober GameJam Release)-mac.zip 316 MB
HeWatchesMe(Spooktober GameJam Release)-linux.tar.bz2 305 MB

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can I translate your game into Spanish?


This game was awesome! I absolutely loved the atmosphere and the art style is really cute! Overall the whole concept was a great idea and jessica and sara are such a cute couple :D


This was awesome! Sara and Jessica were a very sweet pair and the ending#1 cinematic was well done. good stuff!

Thank you! <3

I didn't know it already has new content months ago xD


This game was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the slow terror that crept up on you as you kept playing.


I will say though that I was kinda disappointed to figure out that Jessica saw Sara eat Tyler in the second ending I got and that there was no extra dialogue for that. 

I would have enjoyed just one sentence with Jessica saying Sara's name before cutting to dark just so the situation of what just happened would settle permanently in your bones.😱

But that's just me being weird.😅


But even if there was no extra end scene I still thoroughly enjoyed this!!🤩

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

(Subscribe and Like) - This is optional, Thank you😁


Thanks so much for playing! 


In that ending you mentioned, Jessica didn't follow Sara behind the school. So she wasn't there to witness what happened for that ending. ^^


The second ending was way better. So, it was all just a misunderstanding coming from both Sara and Tyler but mostly Sara. 

Oh yay, you went back to play the other ending! I'm glad :D

Thanks for making videos for the game! ^^
It's kind of funny that you posted this earlier today. We just made the update about 15 minutes ago that has the official music for both of the new scenes (we'd posted an ersatz version over the weekend, that's why the music is so "Disney" lol) Unfortunate that you didn't check out the Characters section in the Extras menu as you'd played this on a new file and didn't get the "completed both endings" message. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

I did check out the characters section since I was curious about Sara's "condition". It said that it something the women in their family have. What exactly do they have?

It starts when they experience puberty("3 years ago" in terms of the game timeline) and is genetic, passing down through the ladies in the family. I didn't base it on any specific thing, haha. The CG that you see at the end of ending 1, all the details in it? That's all I wanted to go for in the design of what the 'condition' is. c:


I got the second ending first and I was like "Aw, guess it was a misunderstanding!" then I went back for the other ending and hooooly

Besides that, honestly, really great short horror game! It really nails the feelings of paranoia and it constantly keeps you in suspense


omfg NO tyler WAS SO CUTE REEE


This was a really good game! The suspense was incredible! The swaying of the camera and blinking really added to the feeling of slowly losing control! the little animation when meeting with Tyler was amazing.

This was a VN that I felt really benefited from being short, amazing job given the time constraints of the jam!

Thank you so much!

Btw there's a new version of the game if you're interested - with a new scene, choice, and an alternate ending available ^^


Nice game. I feel so bad for Tyler though. He shouldn't have met with her alone.


I felt bad for Tyler through the entire game, especially at the ending, poor guy :'( 

Great game <3


I can't explain what I'm feeling now, I don't trust the world


My heart still feels like it's suspended in my chest! The story was very short and... maybe not sweet, but effective! It packed in just enough information about the characters and the world to make the end all the more shocking! 

I really enjoyed the attention to detail on the visual effects--they really helped elevate the suspense and made for a great cinematic presentation alongside the music and SFX. I also enjoy the UI choices made for the game, with the "static" effect and font usage making everything very tone-appropriate and cohesive.

Also, I love a good concept art gallery! It's so cool to see how the visuals were made.

This was an awesome story!! Congrats to the team on a job well done :)

Ooo yay! I'm glad you liked the concept art gallery! :D Your the first person to comment on it haha - I always think it's fun seeing how art is made ^^

Hearing that the story is effective, the ending is shocking, and the effects and UI all worked well together makes me very happy 💕 Thank you for playing! ^^



From the moment I started it up and the haunting music started playing and that animation on the title screen—I was completely sucked in. And it didn't let up at all after that.

The growing tension of the story is superb. I had absolutely no idea where it was headed, and it felt like with each scene, I got more and more on the edge of my seat wondering what in the world was going to happen next. The combination of music and effects and sounds created this absolutely immersive unrelenting experience right up until the very end. I especially loved your use of text effects to make some of the words and lines really pop. As well as the rapid panning of the BG to really hammer in that sense of paranoia and fear. The walking home scene was especially well done—the way it shifted from calm to absolute panic in less than a second made my heart jump LOL

Despite the shortness of the story, I loved the little glances we got of the characters. I particularly liked the sweet little moment between Sara and Jessica 💕 And the way you portrayed Tyler was so well done. He really came across as so creepy the entire time—the pop-up shot of his eyes especially!!

AND THE ENDING. FFFFFFFFFFF. LOLOLOL it shook me to the core, I will be quite honest.  An amazing twist, and the animation you used for the final scene and the composition and just EVERYTHING about it was expertly done. And then the final CG just. Guhhhhhh. Incredibly intense. I also love how the title screen updates afterwards 🤭

Amazing job overall! A perfect short intense experience for the spooky season and one that will likely stay with me for a while.


You have no idea how happy this comment makes me, thank you so so much!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it and hearing that it's going to stay with you for a while makes me ECSTATIC that it has good lasting impression 💕 I wanted to create a good, short horror story experience and it sounds like I accomplished just that! \o/

Also I must say that with this much said I'm honestly really impressed that you managed to not spoil any of the plot lol


Short but really good! Certainly worth a play.



I really liked it! I feel the framework of Renpai was definitely used well - the transitions and effects really added a lot to the story.  Wonderful job to all involved!
Also Sara and Jessica arc when????

Deleted 124 days ago

Thank you so much for playing!

Also YES - more Jessica and Sara! \o/
I probably (at the least) will be drawing them together over on Twitter haha


Maaannn I thought I knew where this story was going but boy was I wrong. "The incident", kept me on edge cause I knew it was coming but man did it hit me out of left field 

Mwahahaha, I'm so glad the twist is catching everyone exactly how I intended >:3c

Thank you for playing and thanks for the comment!


I tend to overanalyze and think ahead so while I knew that the incident mentioned earlier would be related to the way the story ended, I sure didn't expect what the incident truly was. All in all, the way that stalking affects a person's mental state is pretty well portrayed and the music at the end was a great mix of creepiness and child-like joy/relief if that makes any sense. Only nitpick would be the understatement of the pressure of the Mariana Trench which is 16,000 PSI (hehehe)

Thanks so much for playing and for the comment!

I'm so glad the paranoia of being stalked was portrayed well. Thank you ^

Also lol, I didn't look into the specific number of how much pressure that'd be when I wrote that line. I'm a little surprised I underestimated haha


A fun, bite sized little horror piece, one that was quite pleasant! I did see the subversion coming, but it was very well written, and seeing where it went was very nice. Very much worth the play!

I'm glad you picked up on the clues! :D

And thank you so much for the comment ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, I didn't see that one coming!

A well-written little horror short with a simple but well-executed concept.  Great use of atmospheric sound and animated visuals which add a sense of style while also nicely capturing the feeling of rising anxiety.  Strong use of similes and metaphors!

If I have one minor nitpick, it's that you have to dig into the extras after the end of the game to get the full picture of what exactly happened.  Early in the story an "incident" is mentioned, but it's never really brought up again.  I think it would be a stronger narrative if the protag's "incident" is alluded to a little more throughout the story - obviously not in a direct spoilerish way, but in a way that leaves breadcrumbs leading you to believe one thing, when in retrospect after finishing the game, you realize the breadcrumbs were leading to a whole other, more horrifying conclusion. 

(Sorry if that's too vague to be helpful, I'm happy to explain more in detail in a PM if you'd like!)


Thank you so much for playing!! I'm glad you liked it. And thank you for all the specific statements in your comment 💕

Your critique is totally valid and looking back, I agree. I did have a couple more moments where she mentions not wanting to have an "episode" a couple more times and at the end of the 3rd scene where Sara is walking home she specifically mentions something that alludes to the spoilery stuff. But I can see how that might not be enough to remind the player about the "incident" as I didn't use that word again. haha

After the jam judging period is over we should have an update to the gallery system and I'll look into adding some more mentionings of "the incident" throughout the story. ^^


a cool little story with  great art and sound ^_^ well done Morphi~

Thank youuu!

Definitely check out our two composers' links in "The Team" section~ ^^


It was very nice art and animation at the end. As well as the interesting horror twist ending too. Would enjoy seeing a longer non-jam version of this.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the twist~

Not sure how I'd extend this further as I came up with the idea to specifically be a short little horror experience haha


That was solid! I definitely did not see where it was going. Also, certainly spooky!

Thank you so much for playing!~

(1 edit) (+1)

The animation sequence at the end was so incredibly cool! The animator of that scene did an amazing job, and the sound effects that were timed to it were very effective. That was such a good sequence!

Also, poor Tyler, haha ;;;

Thank you! :'D

I'm not super experienced with animating but I had fun making that ending cinematic as uncomfortable and gross as I possibly could. >:3c


Tyler has a killer stare. <o> _<o>

👁 👁 👁
👁 👁 👁


I really enjoyed it. I wish it could have had a better ending, but I suppose that's part of it.
But overall, it had a distinct lack of adorable dragunny, 0/10
(No but really, good job Morphi <3)

haha, thank you! That "distinct lack of dragunny" is mostly due to the nature of the story. I needed the characters to serve a specific purpose in their rolls in this, so we got all new characters this time around. ^^

Maybe in the future I'll have a horror game that can feature Morphi~ :cat_sneaky: